Types of Keyword Domain Names

When people think of keyword domain names, they’re often thinking of an exact match domain. However, you can also use partial match domains or even consider exact match business naming as an alternative.


Exact Match Domain (EMD)

An exact match domain is a literal match for a targeted keyword. As in this example, an exact match domain for the search term “vegan cakes ” is There are additional domains intended to help businesses rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs) for specific keywords. 

Another exact match domain example include In the case of, the business optimized its domain and business name for the search term “hotels.” 


Partial Match Domain

As the name suggests, a partial match domain is a domain name that includes only part of the keyword you want to target. Often, partial match domains include the brand name plus a partial keyword match. For example, is a partial match for the keyword “bikes.” 

In general, partial match domain names are best when using a local keyword (geographic keywords) or lower competition keywords. 


Exact Match Business Name

Exact match business names are not technically keyword domain names; instead, they’re potential alternatives to using a partial or exact match domain. 

Exact match business names include keywords in a business name to optimize for Google My Business listings. Google My Business listings appear in both search results and map results. By optimizing your business name for relevant search terms, you can increase your business listing rank. 


If your business name includes a common search term, Google might assume that users are performing a branded search. For example, if you own a moving truck rental company, including the term “truck” or “truck rental” in your business name can increase your page ranking.

Unlike an exact match domain, an Exact Match Business Name includes the keyword in its primary domain and in its Google My Business profile. So, if you’re still working on your business name, see if any relevant keywords can increase your local search ranking.