Why Businesses Buy More Than One Domain

If you think having one domain name is sufficient, think again. By not owning multiple domains, your business could be losing out on local traffic, potential customers and leaving your brand vulnerable to the competition.


User Error

One of the most important reasons to purchase more than one domain is to protect against user error. Because there is the potential for people to misunderstand what your domain name is when they hear it or make a mistake when typing it, you’ll want to make it a priority to own all common misspellings of your company’s name. 


Brand Poaching

Another reason to buy more than one domain is to keep the competition from poaching your business. Brand poaching is a serious problem even for major brands. A competitor with a similar name may inadvertently create confusion, so having related or similar domain names helps to protect your brand. 


Trademark Protection

Simply holding a trademark doesn’t automatically give you the domain name, and it doesn’t prevent others from buying domain names that include your trademark. As such, buying more than one domain name can help protect any trademarks you own. 


Attracting Local Searchers

Another major reason that most business owners purchase and own more than one domain name is to attract as many potential local clients searching for their product or service type. They understand the importance of owning multiple keyword domain names to drive local search traffic to their business.


Key Takeaways

  • Businesses buy multiple domains to defend against user error and protect their brands.
  • Consider buying common alternative spellings of your business name.
  • Owning multiple domains allows you to track your marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Owning multiple keyword domains can help attract local searchers to your business.


When it comes to purchasing a domain, there are a lot of common questions, including whether your business needs more than one. In most cases, purchasing additional domains is a smart business decision for branding, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and legal reasons.

However, before shopping for domains, several factors should be considered. You’ll want to think about how your business could benefit from having more than one domain, the types to consider purchasing and the strategic ways to leverage multiple domains for your business.