Creating Local Keyword Domain Names

Unlike your primary domain name, you can own a virtually unlimited number of keyword domain names. But you might be thinking, “How do I choose a Keyword Domain Name?” Well, as mentioned before, you want to follow the SEO guidelines for domain names and keep them relevant, short, and easy to remember. Try to find keyword rich domain names without appearing like you’re keyword stuffing.


Audit Your Offerings

Make a list of all of the products or services you offer. More often than not, you’ll find a few products or services that are common search queries that local searchers type. These terms are keywords that potential clients type into search engines just as you would if you were searching for something in particular. If you own domain names with any of the Keyword search terms a potential client types into Google or other search engines, this could greatly increase the chances of your business ranking on the first page and driving potential local clients to your business first. 


Search Your Existing Keywords

If you already have a list of keywords you’re optimizing for, you can use them to help you find keyword domains. Type your keywords into Google Trends or any other search engine and note the suggested search terms. One of them might be an appropriate domain name. Furthermore, take a look at the keywords that you have a hard time ranking for and see who is ranking at the top. Perhaps an exact match domain or even a partial could give you an edge.


When in Doubt, Go Shorter

One of the difficult parts of using an exact match domain is that many keyword domains are already taken. If you find that the domain you want is unavailable, do not create variations of the domain name. Don't add additional words, numbers, letters, dashes or any character to it so you can register and own it, as search engines associate long domain names with spam practices. As an alternative, we recommend looking for partial match domains instead. 


Forward Users to High Quality Content Websites

If your website doesn’t provide high quality content information, it will not perform well on SERPs, no matter how relevant the keyword domain name. Make sure your website is full of relevant content and high quality information pertaining to the clients search. This content will ensure relevancy to the keyword domain names you are using to drive local traffic.

Ask yourself, how can your products or services be a resource for others in your local community? What would you type into a search engine if you were a potential local client searching for the exact product or services that your business offers?